Interview: Sky Written


Sky Written are poised to make a serious impact on the Ontario metal scene in 2014. The long-awaited release of their debut EP has allowed the group to garner a significant amount of attention from the online metal community, and they continue to win favour among fans of the genre with their tight, technical performances. Guitarist, founding member, and good friend Brad Brohman had a chat with to bring us all up to speed with the progress his project has made.


393090_495796267137408_219616079_nYou guys released your debut EP, entitled Thrive, in September of 2013. How would you describe the overall response you’ve received from listeners thus far?

Overall, I’d say that the feedback we’ve been getting on it from people has been great! On our Bandcamp, we have it set up so fans can “pay what they like” for a digital copy of the EP and the fact that people care enough to donate money at all really means a lot to us. It’s nice to know that people dig it! Haha.


The EP was recorded by Chris Cosentino, who some readers may be familiar with as the former vocalist of Horizons. What can you tell us about the band’s relationship with him, and what he brought to the table during the production process?

Chris is a great dude! He’s got a really solid work ethic and he’s pretty damn knowledgeable on a bunch of different instruments (including his legendary brass triangle), so he can creatively contribute to the music. He’s also very comfortable working with our “type” of music so it makes recording pretty quick and painless!


Some of the people who have become acquainted with Sky Written since the EP release might be surprised to find out that you and Braeden (guitar) had actually been working on this project for quite a long time prior to releasing any music. Can you give us a brief history of the band in the years leading up to the Thrive release?

 Going back like 3 years or so, we had a full lineup, but back then we were just having fun, partying and writing metal tunes. As time went on, some of the other guys just grew apart from the sound that we were creating and decided to pursue other endeavors, which is totally cool. But yeah, eventually it was just months of sitting there in my basement with Braeden and our old bassist, jamming along to the guitar pros of these five songs we had written. We saw the potential in the music and decided that we had to record it.

Since you guys only recently started playing shows, can you please give us a quick recap of the gigs you’ve played thus far and evaluate their respective levels of grooviness?

 Our very first gig as a full band was at Maxwell’s Music House in Waterloo, Ontario with the homies in Mandroid Echostar and Skynet, and honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better response! Tickets sold out and the place was packed. Straight up sardine can. Stanky groove.
After that, we played our 2nd show at Sneaky Dees in Toronto, opening for the talented dudes in Auras and Intervals which was so much fun! We made a lot of new friends that night. ‘Twas rad.

And the 3rd show we’ve played so far was in Brantford, with our local friends in Gracefield. It was at a quiet little bar called Charlie’s. After scoping the place out, we didn’t think that anybody was going to show up haha, but Brantford totally proved us wrong that night – which was awesome. We ended up having a lot of fun and selling more merch than we had at either of our previous shows!


Please describe each member of the band (including yourself) in five words or less.

Oh jeez…

Myself: Weird, guit-fiddler, Arnold, puzzlefighter, gains.

Braeden (guitar): Gearslut, hilarious, spacers, reese, djent.

Sean (drums): Moustache, groove, wizard, computers, caruts.

Eric (bass): Creative, Simpsons, Vulfpeck, Bad puns, Arif.

Nick (vocals): Hip, fashionista, food-dude, yoloswag, haircuts .


 Which member of the band is the most likely to become president of the United States?

 I’d hope Eric, because it’d be funny as fuck.

What’s one band/artist people might be surprised to find on your ipod?

 There are a few weird ones in there, but lately I’d go with Imogen Heap and Broken Bells.


Who would win in a fight: a taco, or a grilled cheese sandwich?

Grilled Cheese f’sho. It’d be keepin’ it together beforehand, getting focused, whereas the taco would be so shaky and nervous it’d be falling apart. Bam.


Any final worlds you’d like to leave with readers?

 For fans of Sky Written, be on the look out for what’s in store for our band, and you as well! We’ve got a lot planned for 2014 and at this point, the future is looking very bright. 

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