Classic Review: Lifestory: Monologue – Drag Your White Fur – Make It Grey

This review originally appeared in Substream Music Press, and is the original work of Francesco Sturino. It has been posted on for posterity. 


Lifestory: Monologue’s first proper full-length, entitled Drag Your White Fur – Make It Grey, finds the band elaborating on the highly eclectic sound that they exhibited on their debut EP (2008’s Hold Me In The Wind, My Friend). The record’s ten tracks showcase an incredibly vast range of influences; the band’s music borrows elements from just about every rock subgenre imaginable. It’s extremely rare to find an album that could have appeal towards fans of hardcore bands like Comeback Kid, while also being a hit among indie-rock enthusiasts who worship artists such as Arcade Fire. The band’s sound is impossible to categorize; it simply needs to be heard in order to be understood. While the band’s diverse musical range may be difficult for some listeners to digest at first, those who approach this record with an open mind – not worrying about genre labels or other such distractions – will undoubtedly find much to enjoy. Lifestory: Monologue employ a distinct mixture of screamed, clean, and spoken vocals throughout the record, which are backed by an extremely dense and melodic instrumental base. The dynamic guitars, keyboards, and drums are complimented nicely by a healthy dose of additional instrumentation. The band exert a tremendous amount of passion and creativity into their work, and it shows. Songs like “Thornberry” and “Candles” are some of the most finely crafted tracks on the record, and deserve repeated listening in order to be fully appreciated. The band pack so much musicianship into every facet of their sound (whether it be the vocal melodies, the inventive guitar playing, or any other), that listeners who enjoy the experience initially will have plenty to keep them returning to the record again and again. In today’s often bland and derivative music scene, to find a group as unique as Lifestory: Monologue is truly special. That being said, the band are tragically underrated. This may change though, seeing as Drag Your White Fur – Make It Grey is a gem of a record that just might garner these innovative musicians the recognition they deserve.

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