Review: Neck Deep – Wishful Thinking

1485In the past few years, the pop-punk genre has experienced a revitalization due to the success of bands like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far. Due to this recent trend, bands like Neck Deep have enjoyed exponential growth. After signing with Hopeless Records in August 2013, Neck Deep supported The Wonder Years during their UK tour in November and headlined Australia later that month. The band started 2014 with a UK headlining tour, which will be followed by a North American headlining stretch this spring. This is quite impressive considering that their first EP, Rain In July, was only released late in 2012. Their debut full-length is slated for January 13th and fans have been tantalized with new singles and song teasers since October of last year. Neck Deep’s much anticipated full-length, Wishful Thinking, will appease all their anxious fans. The album features eleven fresh tracks as well as a revamped version of “What Did You Expect?”. Wishful Thinking depicts a more mature band without compromising the sound and style the group has developed. Their newfound maturity can be heard in the exploration of vocal range in the ballad “Candour”, and the increased use of powerful musical elements such as key changes (see “Zoltar Speaks”). The album’s production quality is richer and more professional than previous releases, as a result of the band’s new affiliation with Hopeless. The lyrical content is typical of pop-punk, including themes such as the ups and downs of relationships, having fun and growing up. As a whole, Wishful Thinking is catchy, moshable, up-beat and youthful. It’s everything you might expect from a flourishing pop-punk act. If you haven’t already checked out Neck Deep (or if you weren’t captivated the first time) Wishful Thinking is the album that will have you hooked. As a devotee of quality pop-punk, I give this album a solid 8.5/10.


Wishful Thinking (Debut Full Length)

1. Losing Teeth

2. Crushing Grief (No Remedy)

3. Staircase Wit

4. Damsel In Distress

5. Zoltar Speaks

6. Growing Pains

7. Say What You Want

8. Mileage

9. Sweet Nothings

10. What Did You Expect?

11. Blank Pages

12. Candour

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