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The United Kingdom has given the world a plethora of great music throughout the last few hundred years, but it is not a place particularly known for its contributions to pop-punk. Neck Deep are poised to change that. The five-piece have become one of the fastest-growing bands in the scene, and with the release of their debut LP poking its head over the horizon, their trajectory is likely to continue sharply skywards. Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans chatted with about where the band is currently at, as well as some trivial silliness. Hope you dig.


This summer it was officially announced that Neck Deep had signed to Hopeless Records, a label best known for veteran acts like Silverstein, Bayside, and The Used. How did you go about getting on the label’s radar, and earning their confidence (something very few young bands have accomplished)?

We never set out to reach their radar; like it wasn’t part of our plan, but it was obviously a very welcomed side effect to what we were doing! I’m not sure exactly when they first started taking notice of us, but I know when we flew to Florida and played two sold out shows, they saw the footage online and that really turned some heads and started raising some questions. During one of our first Skypes with them, they asked us how we did that and why we thought this many people cared. From there everything grew very naturally; they were really interested in how we had got to this point and what we were trying to achieve. We just remained true to ourselves and they ended up wanting to get involved, and obviously we ended up signing and we couldn’t be happier.

Your debut full-length is slated for an early 2014 release. How is the new material shaping up in comparison to what listeners have already heard from you on your two previous EP’s?

My view seems like a total contradiction of itself, but I basically feel like the new material from the full-length is really different for us, but somehow at the same time really congruent to our old material. I think we really hit the perfect balance of remaining the band that gained us so many fans, but also stepped it up to make a record that wasn’t the same songs recycled. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think it’s going to really surprise people and hopefully start something big.


64c5ae399e7f0926b66ed5878ba3e0faIn November, you’ll be touring your homeland of the UK with The Wonder Years. What’s it like to know you’ll soon be on the road with one of the pop-punk genre’s biggest bands? How much of an influence has that group been on you throughout the last handful of years?

It’s amazing; we have all been super into The Wonder Years for a long time so we literally can’t wait. A bunch of the shows have been venue upgraded due to awesome ticket sales so that’s also amazing and something that hasn’t happened to us before.


After this UK tour, you’ll be heading to Australia for the very first time. What’s getting you the most excited about this expedition?

For me personally, it’s going to be holding a koala and seeing a kangaroo. I probably am supposed to say the shows but I’m so stoked for those things. I think we are most excited about just generally being in the country and seeing stuff. None of us have been there before, so it’s going to be amazing. Also, the shows’ ticket sales are doing amazing, we keep getting updates on that so [we] already know they are going to rule, so obviously that too.


It really seems like there’s been a resurgence of quality pop-punk in the last few years that had been sorely missed for a long time. Where do you see this movement going in the near future? Do you think it’s still possible for a band like Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Such Gold, etc. to break into the mainstream, the way Blink 182 and Sum 41 once did?

I hope so. I think one of the reasons those bands broke the mainstream so much when they were coming up was because they had such personality, and you really connected with the people in the bands. If you knew Blink 182 then 99% of the time you knew who Mark, Tom, and Travis were also. I think that’s something that has been really lost over the years and doesn’t happen much in our genre and alternative music as a whole anymore. It’s certainly something that we would like to help restore, and it’s not about being fake or like a gimmick, but just giving a fan base something real to connect with as well as the music.


tumblr_m92kcjJJS81r04sk4o1_1345492157_coverWhich member of Neck Deep is the most likely to attend an Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Defo West, because he is already a Wizard. But I should clarify: he isn’t like a poopy-ass Harry Potter jiblet-nerd-style Wizard with a stupid little wand. He is like an old grey beard pointed hat killer wizard surrounded by lighting with a massive staff made from the oldest oak on the planet.


Please describe the best pizza you have ever eaten.

Oh man, that’s the hardest question ever. I’m going to say Florentino’s, though. It’s a one-off pizza place in Gainsborough near where I live, basically in the middle of nowhere. I used to deliver pizza for them and get free ones; I’m not being unfair when I say it is literally my fave pizza in the world.


Are there any additional words you’d like to leave with readers?

Don’t do drugs, and love your pets.


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