Live Review: John Mayer


Three years removed from his last tour, John Mayer returned to a sold out crowd at the Molson Amphitheatre on his “Born and Raised” tour, titled after his latest album. Opening with the lead song off of the record, “Queen of California”, Mayer’s voice and stage presence seemed a bit shaky, as if he didn’t feel completely comfortable on stage. The majority of the first five songs included extended solos and jam sessions in between songs, which although showed off John’s extreme musicianship, seemed to bore the crowd due to their frequency and length. However, this all seemed to change as soon as Mayer pronounced he was going to “be playing some old stuff”, and the whole crowd seemed enthralled as soon as the opening notes to “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” were struck and his mellow, yet powerful voice began singing one of his greatest hits. He followed this up with two more hits as he powered through his most notorious song “Your Body is a Wonderland” and transitioned perfectly into “Neon” without missing a single beat or note. Opening act and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips took home the award for most outstanding transition, though, as he turned Marvin Gaye’s classic baby-maker “Let’s Get it On” into his hit single “Home” as the last two songs of his show-stopping set that included a country-esque cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and fan favorite “Gone, Gone, Gone”. Halfway through his set, Mayer acknowledged the crowd for supporting him even though “a lot of people might not like him”, and he rewarded his faithful fans by ending his set with “The Age of Worry” and an extended and emotional version of “Gravity”, as well as a one song encore of “A Face to Call Home”. The often skewed and ever concentrated face of John Mayer showed how much music means to him, completely involved with every piece of music he threw at the almost 17,000 fans in front of it, and although there were some shaky parts to the set, John Mayer still showed he is one of the most creative and innovative musicians out there.

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