Greensboro’s UNIFIER (formerly Future Ghosts) Release “Colorado” Today via Autumn + Colour and Round Kid Records

Greensboro’s UNIFIER (formerly Future Ghosts) Release “Colorado” Today via Autumn + Colour and Round Kid Records


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Unifier (formerly Greensboro, NC’s, Future Ghosts) have released their new LP “Colorado” today via Autumn + Colour and Round Kid RecordsAMP Magazine is streaming the record in its entirety and is featuring an interview with the band at


What others are saying about Unifier:


“…like a pop hybrid of early Foo Fighters with Alkaline Trio thrown in. What we’re given is songs that are catchy yet not being afraid to be moody and dark at the same time … fast, upbeat, and pop-heavy guitar oriented rock…” – AlreadyHeard


radio ready rock songs…”- Golden Mixtape


“… catchy choruses and hooks, solid instrumentals, and an overall uplifting vibe… everything about Colorado impressed me greatly.”- Megustareviews


“With a sound that culls the best elements from bands like Sugar Cult, Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, and Something Corporate…Unifer delivers a solid wall of guitar sound comprised of riff heavy playing that is tight, uplifting, and at times air-clearingly hard. Unifier’s sound is straightforward 21st century alt-rock…”- Shutter16


“There is not one song on the album that I would skip…”- –The Central Scene


“The band knows what works, and they work with it sincerely. It’s never forced, and that shows.”


Track Listing:


1. Crush

2. Traps

3. Parasite Lost

4. Bitter? Better.

5. Colorado

6. Halos

7. Single Room

8. Shame

9. Shadows

10. Lifted

11. Mission Control

12. #41


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