Review: TNGHT – S/T

TNGHT is the new self-titled EP from TNGHT, a hip hop duo consisting of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, two experienced producers dominating their respective scenes. This EP has been receiving a lot of hype, and I assure you that it is well deserved.
What has resulted from this collaboration is a fresh take on trap beats, while still holding on to booming 808s and 16th note rhythms on the hats. Though only a 5-track release, it opens with the banger “Top Floor” and after pressing repeat many times you’ll hear the end of “Easy Easy”. This isn’t a layman’s album; you have to be somewhat of a connoisseur to admire the FX and synthesis of both the sounds and samples.
The first thing that came to mind when checking the EP out was that It sounds like something Kanye would rap over. In fact, Hudson Mohawke is in the studio with him preparing something. The possibilities are endless with these guys; I love the tracks as instrumentals and I’d love them paired up with a dope MC. I’d feel comfortable hearing Kanye and Waka Flocka on the same track together – that’s how dynamic it is.
Keeping it short and sweet: the drums are tight, booming with presence but not overpowering the mix. The synths are wonky and unorthodox, but that’s what makes them great, and the samples are chopped up cohesively to make it interesting. Mohawke’s experimental energy and Lunice’s trap mastery make for a legendary combo. I give it 9/10; gonna give it another listen now, I’m out.

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