Review: Lions Lions – To Carve Our Names

Lions Lions, a four piece post-hardcore band hailing from Boston, released their second full-length album on Hollywood Waste Records earlier this summer. Creating a sound similar to Thrice circa The Artist in the Ambulance, they use melodic guitar parts combined with heavy breakdowns to create solid post-hardcore sounds.

With the first song, “Milestones”, they set the stage for the record as a whole. Harmonized guitars peak at a thrashing chorus using alternating vocals, which seems to be the formula for the whole album. Though the band occasionally incorporates screaming parts, they mostly rely on Joshua Herzer’s strong voice to carry their songs.

Songs such as “The Undertow” show the band’s excellent musicality boasting a solid rhythm section that deserves to be featured more on the album as a whole. The record seems to struggle to find consistency; songs that feature excellent builds and breaks also manage to feel recycled and stale.

Though Lions Lions do pull out some pleasant surprises such as the dashboard-esque (and surprisingly good) “Our Colours”, and thrashing punk guitars with gang vocals on “Carry On”, it doesn’t seem to offer the multi-track brilliance for a great post-hardcore album. However, for those looking for a solid sophomore release with great melodies, To Carve Our Names is definitely worth a listen.

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