Review: Certain People I Know – S/T

Certain People I Know’s self-titled debut album is loaded with high energy rhythm guitar playing, jangly leads, and hard-hitting percussion. The band hails from Chicago, and that’s as much as is known about this up and coming band. Oh, and Bob Nanna and Damon Atkinson are known from Braid and Hey Mercedes, two well-known Chicago bands. They released the LP on Count Your Lucky Stars records.
What I noticed about this album is the high energy that’s maintained from start to finish. “Neverlasting”, the first song, sets the pace for tracks to follow and the charisma never lets up after it. Nanna’s deep voice bears a similarity to Mark Hoppus’, but he has no trouble hitting those high notes and really creating a dynamic melody. He’s supported by LoPiccolo on tracks such as “Neverlasting”, “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, and “All You Gotta Do Is Show”. Her lovely vocals add a sweet contrast to the driving guitars found in the release. She closes the LP up with “How Was the Show (Politics)”, singing beautifully over twangy arpeggios, and really brings the album to an end. No cliffhanger ending.
I could imagine this band having an unreal live performance; although I’ve never seen any of their previous projects’ shows, judging from the power of this release I would recommend seeing them. The LP isn’t overly produced; the mixing is a perfect blend that allows the singers to shine while still having a rock and roll feel.
Seriously, watch out for these guys, though. I’ll be waiting anxiously for their next release. I’m out.

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