Review: Veil Of Maya – Eclipse

Veil Of Maya’s third studio full-length finds the technical metal unit refining their punishing sound to near-perfection. While past efforts were certainly technical and displayed a considerable amount of musicianship, the songwriting felt somewhat disjointed, and the albums didn’t really showcase the group’s true potential. This time around, Veil Of Maya have taken the time to carefully craft each and every passage of each song, throwing any and all corny gimmicks aside, and making no attempt to fit neatly into one metal subgenre. While the “Djent” sound is currently entering fad territory and earning the disdain of many longtime metal listeners, Veil Of Maya are proving that they’ll be around long after the craze has died down. Eclipse branches out from sheer technical assault to explore melody at several different points – some of these being on the darker, more morbid side, and others soaring brightly and gorgeously. The music is extremely ambitious, and it’s made all the more enjoyable by stellar production, courtesy of Periphery’s Misha Mansoor. There isn’t a single moment throughout the record in which the intricate instrumentals sound unclear or cluttered. The bass guitar and drums come through nicely in the mix and give the rhythmic aspect of the band’s sound the punch it deserves. There are really too many facets of Eclipse that are deserving of praise for all of them to be delved into in a short review. If you’re a metal fan and you still haven’t checked out this fabulous record, you should do so immediately. Go ahead and give it a listen…or half a dozen…or nine hundred.

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