Review: Napoleon – What We See

What We See, the debut release by Exeter, UK melodic hardcore band Napoleon, will undoubtedly garner these skilled musicians a considerable amount of international attention. The EP has been released by the band members themselves for free online download, and listeners will surely be thankful, because this is one of the best and most exciting heavy releases of 2012 thus far. Napoleon’s sound is extremely bright and melodic, based on a solid foundation of various hardcore and punk influences. The band blend it all together brilliantly, and the highly proficient guitar work truly makes this an EP worth listening to repeatedly. Napoleon are simply phenomenal at what they do – they combine the melody of a band like Verse with the technicality you’d expect to hear from Shai Hulud. The only sound criticism that can be directed at this EP is that there is a bit of a lack of vocal diversity; while the screams fit the music perfectly, it would be great to hear the band change it up occasionally. Bands like Comeback Kid, Counterparts, and Such Gold are all fantastic at doing this; if Napoleon went the same route, it would definitely work in their favour. Nonetheless, What We See is an extremely impressive debut. Fans of punk and hardcore should definitely take a listen, as doing so just might find them a new favourite band.


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