Review: Memphis May Fire – Challenger

Challenger, the latest release from Rise Records metalcore band Memphis May Fire, has been garnering a lot of attention from audiences and the press lately. At this point, the outfit are looking like the most likely contender to become the next massively popular act on their label. This should not surprise anyone – MMF play a very modern brand of metalcore, and do it considerably better than many of their peers in this oversaturated scene. The biggest thing that the band have going for them on Challenger is their ability to write instantly memorable and inviting choruses of the variety you can easily imagine huge crowds reciting at the top of their lungs on the festival circuit. Unfortunately, the band seem to lack the confidence to pursue what they do best to its fullest potential. They continuously fall back on far-too-familiar breakdown and screaming territory throughout the record, and this pattern grows tiresome. The world already has more than enough bands pushing the good cop/bad cop angle, and Memphis May Fire do themselves a disservice by not straying further from that domain. Nonetheless, the band undoubtedly possess a fair amount of talent. If they further break free from the increasingly worn-out scene that spawned them, and continue developing their own distinct musical character, they could very well go on to see a long and triumphant career.

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