Review: Forever Came Calling – Contender

Californian pop-punks Forever Came Calling’s Pure Noise Records debut continues the welcome trend of outstanding releases for the genre. Along with peers such as The Wonder Years, Title Fight, and Such Gold, FCC are showing the world that pop-punk still has a great deal of life left in it. Every track on Contender is memorable in some way, whether it be the infectious choruses, wholehearted lyrics, or no-bullshit aggression. Five years ago, bands like All Time Low and Forever The Sickest Kids were the most visible acts waving the pop-punk flag. While their records were an overproduced, almost offensively sappy affair, this new breed of bands couldn’t be more opposite to that. The album is full of feisty, straightforward anthems that will further restore faith in the genre for anyone who ever doubted its future. True pop-punk has been resurrected, and Contender has placed Forever Came Calling in the top tier of this joyous movement.

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