Review: Elos Arma – Mother/Father

Mother/Father is the debut EP from Toronto-based indie rock band Elos Arma. The group have put the collection of songs online for free download, where it’s begun to garner quite a bit of attention from the music community thanks to the tunes’ fun, catchy, un-pretentious character. The first track on the EP, entitled “We Play For Keeps” does an excellent job of showcasing the band’s talents. It doesn’t waste any time with meandering, quickly launching into a welcoming, high-spirited chorus that’s hard not to gleefully nod along with. In the hands of a less capable group of artists, the endearing, sweet sound that Elos Arma employ could have come off as pretty corny. The band pull it off admirably, though, inviting the listener into an impressively dense soundscape that’s rich with dynamics – the band’s sound soars through musical peaks and valleys, and the experience remains enjoyable for the entirety of the EP’s five tracks. The fact that the lyrics are reasonably sophisticated in their own right only adds to the already richly layered listening experience. The word “mature” is usually saved for a band’s second or third release, but on this debut, Elos Arma display a level of maturity in their songwriting that’s all too absent from the majority of the music that’s blown up in popularity in recent years. It’s evident that the band have put a great deal of time, effort, and yes, money into this DIY release. Hopefully Mother/Father will continue to turn heads, and elevate Elos Arma out of obscurity and into the collective consciousness of indie rock fans everywhere.


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