Review: A Sight For Sewn Eyes – Alone Together

A Sight For Sewn Eyes’ debut full-length as a signed band finds the outfit honing their collective skills, and sticking to what they do best – writing technical, groovy, flamboyant music that’s light-years more advanced than anything you’d expect to hear from a group this unrecognized. The songs on this album can be described with musical labels such as punk, hardcore, and metal – but only to a very limited extent. ASFSE are all of these and none of them at the same time. No song on Alone Together fits neatly into a genre category, and that’s what makes it special. The album doesn’t rely on any cheap tricks or gimmicks – just very well-written and thought-out music. Heavy music listeners who need a big, one-note breakdown with a profanity-laden lyric every thirty seconds in order to stay interested simply aren’t going give this record a chance to sink in. But listeners who can appreciate musicianship and subtlety will find much more to enjoy. The record’s penultimate track, “Light Up” is arguably the best at showcasing the band’s sound – their heaviness, technicality, and melody are all there, and at the top of their game. It concludes with a beautiful, ambient, bittersweet passage, and is one of the most immediately memorable tracks on the album.

Lyrically, Alone Together avoids much of the overused themes and rhetoric often found in heavy music. It’s generally pretty easy to figure out what the songs are about, and they’re all written plainly and earnestly. There isn’t much of an attempt to sound deep or poetic when doing so isn’t necessary. They compliment the music well, and are refreshingly straightforward.

From a production standpoint, the album sounds crisp and clear, but not to an extent where it sounds overproduced. Some of the heavier moments could pack a little more punch, but that’s a very minor gripe. Overall, Alone Together is easily one of the most admirable records to be released this year, by a band that deserve to be acknowledged far more than they have been thus far.

To conclude on a more personal note: after spending the last few years watching countless amazing Canadian bands call it quits (Alexisonfire, The Holly Springs Disaster, Kingdoms, Straight Reads The Line, Dead And Divine, just to name a few), it’s extremely encouraging to hear an album this good from a band who are obviously waiting to be discovered. A Sight For Sewn Eyes, along with several of their peers, are part of a new wave of fantastic Canadian heavy music. These are groups who are slaving away trying to make a living on the road, doing it for all the right reasons, and giving the world some of the finest music to ever come out of the genre. Hopefully audiences, labels, promoters, etc. will pay more attention this time around, and help some truly phenomenal artists to prosper and flourish.



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