Interview: Searching For Satellites

London, Ontario’s Searching For Satellites have been keeping their feet firmly planted in the top tier of the region’s hardcore/punk scene for several years. While many of the peer acts they came up with have gradually dissolved, the tenacious group have been hard at work, gaining exposure and building a supportive fan base with their tight, dynamic live performances. With the release of their long-awaited new EP slated for August, vocalist Don Tuer took the time to talk to about what the band has in store for the near future, as well as what the past few months and years have been like for Searching For Satellites.


In a few weeks, you guys will be releasing a brand new EP. Do you have an official release date set? What details are you able to share with us?

We don’t have a set release date just yet, but we are aiming for the beginning of August at this point. We want to make sure everything is perfect for when we do.

But I can gladly give you lots of information on it. It will be a 6 track EP titled Hell Hounds and it will have a couple refurbished songs from our first EP that we thought needed more love and care. We also have some awesome guest vocals on a few songs that we can’t wait to show everyone. We are extremely proud of what we have coming for you guys in August.

You’ll be able to get it online through iTunes and some other download sites. We also plan to have it pressed and ready to sell at shows, for those people who remember the feeling of opening up a new CD with album art and lyrics, and all that jazz!


How will this new EP differ from your debut self-titled release?

In my opinion it just seems all around more mature and focused. We know our sound and where we wanted to go with this EP, one thing we didn’t really have with our first EP. The self-titled EP was very thrown together. I (Don Tuer – Vocals) was added to the band basically right before we headed into the studio, and James and I had to write almost all of the vocals on the spot. I was so unsure of how I wanted to sound vocally, so it just came out how it did. In the end we were extremely happy with what we had and how it all turned out, but this time we knew exactly what we wanted. Also, lyrically this EP is more personal, more abrasive, aggressive, and is all about the demons and hardships we face every day.


What are your plans or goals in regard to touring in support of the upcoming EP?

For now, we plan on playing a bunch of CD release shows and just getting back into the swing of playing shows on the regular again after taking time off to record. No tours planned at this point, but who knows what the fall will bring. Southern Ontario will definitely get to hear all of our new songs live in the near future. We want to play as many shows as we can to promote this new EP and get it out there for everyone to see.

We do hope to tour off this EP though, so if you are reading this and are in a band, and think we would be great on a tour with you, then hit us up!


You guys were chosen to play at the Toronto date of this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Was this a first for Searching For Satellites? What was that experience like? 

It was our very first time ever playing Warped Tour. It was possibly one of the best experiences of my life. I have been going to Warped Tour for years now and have always dreamed of getting to be up on one of those stages with my best pals and playing the music we love. It was so surreal.

Not only did we get to just play Warped Tour, we got to play to a huge crowd full of people who knew all our words; it blew us away. We saw many familiar faces and hundreds of news ones. It was a great day, definitely one for the books.


You guys have often been in good company when performing live, sharing the stage with some of the scene’s bigger acts. What are some of the bands that you’ve been most excited to be billed alongside over the years? 

Well, I can only speak personally for this question, but getting to share the stage with bands I grew up listening to is a pretty amazing feeling. Having had the pleasure of playing with our good pals in Baptized In Blood, Farewell II Freeway, and also the boys in Dead and Divine (RIP), is still a shock to me every time I think about it.  Playing with huge bands such as We Came As Romans, Upon A Burning Body, Parkway Drive, I See Stars, and the dudes in Abandon All Ships was pretty amazing to all of us. It really is mind blowing to hang out and play alongside such successful and talented bands.

Architects (UK) are coming to London on August 15th and we are on that bill, they happen to be a favourite of all of ours and we can’t wait to play with those guys and hear all their amazing new tunes live.



And on the flipside, what was the best show you ever attended? 

My all time favorite show I ever attended has me with a tie: my first London, Ontario show ever, and my first-ever Alexisonfire show. The London show had Silverstein headlining, Protest The Hero, Bombs Over Providence, The Soap Opera Coma, and Capeside. That was a defining moment in my life when it came to music and how it shaped everything to come. The Alexis show was actually in T.O. and The Used were headlining, backed by Alexisonfire, Days of Contempt, and Underoath. That was one amazing show.


If you could resurrect any defunct band from the past ten years, who would it be? 

Hands down, Alexisonfire. They have been one of my favourite bands for so many years. I know it’s still fairly recent but I wish I could bring them back just to play one show with them. They were so influential and got me into heavier music. I had always wanted to play with those guys, and it broke my heart when they decided to throw in the towel. Maybe one day, though!


Who would win in a fight: a taco, or a grilled cheese sandwich?

Taco for sure! We are a taco supporting band. Most of the dudes love their Taco Bell a bit too much, so I hope they are happy with my answer. I mean, it’s a close match, but nothing beats beef that’s been ground to the consistency of a slushie, right?


What is the best way for readers who may unfamiliar with the band to get acquainted with Searching For Satellites and your music?

Facebook seems to be king these days. We also have Twitter and Bandcamp, where you can find our old EP for download, and…FOR FREE! We are a generous bunch. And if we are ever in your town and you happen to be at the show, make sure to come and chat with us! We are all super friendly dudes, and love meeting new people. I’ve made some best pals and life-long friends because of this band, and I’m so grateful for that alone.

And if you are interested in our lyrics and what exactly it is we are carrying on about, then you can find them in tons of places on the interweb!


Are there any words you’d like to leave with fans who are going to be reading this?

Well, honestly, I just hope anyone who reads this little interview gives us a small chance and a good listen. We mix heavy with melody in a way that we hope everyone will enjoy. We are genuine dudes playing honest and fun music. We just try to write and record only tunes we know we can pull off live, music that we love and believe in, and we do all we do in this band because we enjoy music and what it has done for us.

So if you take the time and see what we have to offer, and if we don’t happen to be what you are looking for, then we appreciate the chance, and hope you’ll introduce us to someone who may enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!


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