Classic Review: The Holly Springs Disaster – Motion Sickness Love

Moosejaw, Saskatchewan’s The Holly Springs Disaster have changed the game irreversibly, as far as metalcore is concerned. Motion Sickness Love, their first outing alongside Toronto-based independent label Underground Operations, might be among the finest melodic metalcore albums released to date. The band’s talents are on full display here – each of the five members are given their opportunity to shine. Frontman Michael Froh employs a wide range of vocal styles throughout the record’s eight tracks, and he succeeds triumphantly with every single one. The majority of his vocals consist of agonized screams and guttural yells, but his gritty, passionate singing voice is what truly makes some of Motion Sickness Love’s most memorable moments. His voice contains a soulfulness that has been all too absent from heavy music in recent years. Thankfully, Froh’s arsenal of vocal techniques is complimented exquisitely by the band’s guitar work. Guitar riffs remain a heavy affair throughout the vast majority of the record, with a significant emphasis placed on southern, bluesy tones. The melodic, bittersweet passage that bridges the end of “Showdown” to the beginning of the following track, “My Pet Monster”, showcases The Holly Springs Disaster’s uncanny ability to emote solely through instrumentation. The section is absolutely riveting, and will likely send chills down the spines of listeners, regardless of their familiarity with the band or heavy music in general. The rhythm section should not be overlooked, as the band’s sound is very much groove-oriented. A great deal of skill is displayed by bassist and drummer alike throughout the record’s thirty minutes. Needless to say, Motion Sickness Love is an incredibly memorable piece of work. It is an album that is greater than the sum of its parts, tapping into classic rock majesty, and transcending the metalcore genre. Few heavy albums will ever come close to the degree of artistry that is on display throughout The Holly Springs Disaster’s victorious debut.


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